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The 100xCoin is an auto-liquidity and auto-deflationary coin built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that was launched in April 2021. It’s ultimately built with the aim of transparent, sound tokenomics that benefit long term holders.  
Transaction fees include automatic token burning, liquidity pool generation and development budget. The 100xCoin could possibly be the last moonshot of this year's bullrun.

The project has been built by an experienced team of pioneers, with the main aim of setting a new standard of transparency and trust in the crypto space.

Ken Llamas, CEO and founder of the 100xCoin Project, is based in California and frequently hosts livestreams to provide various project updates with complete transparency for 100xCoin “hodlers” - every day.

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Why 100xCoin?

100xCoin is focused on rapid expansion and growth to pass the seven billion dollar market cap check point, while maintaining and furthering partnerships that align with the 100xCoin values. Our vision of growth is displayed by our ambitious roadmap, which include several projects in development.

Exchange/wallet App

An exchange/wallet App for iOS and Android, NFT Staking backed by athletes/celebrities, and the Launchpad for brand new Defi projects - all brilliantly surmised on the 100xBlog.

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Best in class security

We understand that security and trust is indispensable in the crypto space and so 100xCoin is proud to have been given the all clear by auditing service TechRate.

NFT Marketplace

Furthermore, we have teamed up with several influencers, athletes and celebrities - to launch the launchpad and provide a platform exclusive to 100xCoin holders - to stake 100xCoins in an NFT marketplace.

The project is still in its early phase but has already achieved several milestones. There are currently 60,000+ token holder addresses, telegram group chats with over 25,000 members - including community group chats in over sixteen different languages. The various ongoing projects will only add to 100xCoins’ potential. The 100xCoin community is getting stronger and larger by the day.

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Easy Purchase

Purchasing 100xCoin is easy and  is currently available for purchase on multiple exchanges including Pancakeswap, Probit and BKEX.

Although viable entries to market, there are still a few too many barriers when transacting on the BSC, via the above channels. There are too many steps between a new crypto speculator, and transacting on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

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iOS/ Android App

Enter the 100xAltbase App (iOS and Android) that aims to break down these barriers to entry and allow people to buy different products on the BSC - with their credit/debit card. It will be an open marketplace for ALL smart chain products, not just 100xCoin. This proposition will bring crypto to the masses, via the app store.

100xCoin is quickly growing to be one of the most anticipated and exciting projects in the crypto space this year. Check out our Whitepaper for the nitty gritty.

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Our vision for mainstream DeFi adoption, and your support -
100xCoin can make a sustainable and orderly trip “to the moon”!

Our Goal

Our overall goal is to attract millions of investors through our impressive range of projects. With continuous investment in R&D - we are focusing on creating a user friendly environment for investors with a strong “anti-rug” stance. 100xCoin has transparency and long term investor interest at heart.

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taking 100x to new heights

Meet the 100xCoin team:

We move quick, and with a goal in mind. The 100xCoin community team thrives on networking and executes on plans, continually taking us to the next level.
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Ken Llamas

Founder & Degen Executive Officer

The Degenerate of all degenerates. Started 100xCoin from his parents’ spare-bedroom, to now a suite of interoperable products and use-cases.

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Cow Jump Moon

Degen Operating Officer

Cow Jump Moon is responsible for all operations at 100xCoin. He brings with him seven years of startup experience including leading teams of +100 and growing to multimillion valuation.

Image of GH - 100xCoin VP of Growth and Community


Degen of Growth & Community

GH powers community growth, by leading an army of degens, or you could also call them moderators - in ensuring the 100x Community is clean and FUD-free.

Liam Ross Profile Picture

Liam Ross

Head/Degen of Digital

Liam leads our copywriters, whilst optimizing the website for our users. He has solid SEO experience, working for leading agencies internationally.

Image of Mike Abadir - NFL and Pro Athlete Consultant.

Mike Abadir

NFL/Influencer/Degen Consultant

Mike is our connector to top-level athletes through his radio work - The Mike Abadir Show. Well connected with those in high circles.

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Lead Graphic Designer

Lead Graphic Designer for 100X. 6 years of graphic design experience, adobe photoshop certified. 2 years of graphic design of consultant work at top agencies.

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Learn About 100x

To learn more about each of these projects in detail, please visit 100xCoin.io. When making any investment in cryptocurrency, your capital is at risk.

Investing in 100xCoin is not a securities contract/investment. You are investing in the coin, not the company.
Anything featured on this website should not be construed as financial advice, and only used for informative purposes.

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