How does CremePieSwap tie back into 100xCoin?

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July 26, 2021
Ken Llamas
Degen Exec Officer

Ken is the master of all degens at 100xCoin, having started the venture from his parents spare room - to 80m Marketcap ATH.


Revenue from Presale and revenue earned from the DEX & AMM of CremePieSwap will directly be used to buyback and fund further development of 100xCoin. In order for 100xCoin to move faster in development AND BIG MARKETING - we need more revenue. Most projects die off because of one common reason: REVENUE.

A sneak preview at the CPIE UX, of which will provide further buyback opportunity for 100x


By launching on the Polygon (Matic) network we are setting CremePieSwap to be the first DEX & AMM Platform in the network. If this network explodes, then so will CremePieSwap.

If CremePieSwap explodes = so will 100xCoin. People will wonder who one of the founders of CremePieSwap are and they will go to 100xCoin. If CremePieSwap explodes = 100xCoin will have BIGGER budgets for buybacks, developments and marketing.

CPIE is a joint venture between 100xCoin, Launchzone, and BARMY - for the benefit of MATIC & wider Crypto.


CremePieSwap alone garners A LOT of attention which will inevitably bring attention into 100xCoin as well.


By launching CremePieSwap and positioning it to be the first in Polygon (Matic) network = this also means that 100xCoin will be in the cross-hairs of CEOs from BIG projects. This means that more relationships can be built for 100xCoin.


Opening up a project in another network means we're also allowing their users to APE in our head project which is 100xCoin. Instead of 100xCoin just being filled by Binance Smart Chain users, we are also welcoming Polygon users  (around 660K and growing) at its VERY early stages.

So if you ask what is the benefit for 100xCoin from CremePieSwap?

The simple answer is... EVERYTHING.

But these are just a few of the many benefits and reasons why we decided to launch a CremePieSwap and how this all ties back into 100xCoin. 100xCoin will ALWAYS be the focus. Everything we build and do is FOR 100xCoin.

Why did you have to start a separate token? Why couldn't it just stay 100xCoin instead of naming it CremePieSwap Token?

Because 100xCoin has HIGH expenses to keep it running. We want to build products FAST and NOT be slowed down to any market conditions. For this to happen we need more cash.

With CremePieSwap = we are going for massive hype & attention (hence the name) and circling it back to 100xCoin.

Also please keep in mind that in order to start a DEX & AMM and be successful there has to be a lot of liquidity and hype around it.

100xCoin for Life.

But always give some CremePie while you're at it😏

-Ken The Crypto

CEO 100xCoin