Get New Crypto Coins Listed on 100xAltbase

Add value back to your project, with a place to easily transact by credit/debit card.

100xAltbase will now allow for new crypto coins to be listed on the App - subject to that community winning a vote against other crypto communities.

It’s a great chance to not only showcase the strength of your community - but directly add value to it too!

Want your token or project listed on 100xAltbase?

For key decision-makers of relevant projects, you can apply direct for a featured coin listing via the below application form:

Note: Only clearly identified project owners and/or senior authority figures, of credible projects, will be contacted to discuss a Featured Coin listing.

It’s very simple

Vote for your coin

Vote for your coin, encourage your community to follow suit - and the eventual winner of each vote will then be listed on 100xAltbase.
Each user can only vote once, however the best communities will encourage fellow comrades to also vote.
If your coin isn’t included in a vote, use the submission box below - and then head to Twitter and tag @100xCoin_ and tell us why your project should be featured.

How does it work?


Sign Up/Sign in

To enter the competition you must first register and login. The vote is to be listed on 100xAltbase, an app to buy altcoins.


Cast your vote

Vote for your favorite new crypto coins. You can vote once in each competition, but enter unlimited competitions free!



After you've cast your vote, get your community to do the same!


The Winner

A coin/token will be listed on 100xAltbase as per the
results of the vote, and proven project marketing budget.

Competition Rules & Criteria

  1. The winner of the competition is the coin with the highest number of votes outright, whilst also agreeing to the terms.
  2. The eventual winners’ development team/founder must provide a marketing budget for costs in-line with the listing, and click-funnel.
  3. The winner of each respective competition must have the respective founder/key decision maker reach out to 100xCoin via the application form.
  4. Use of bots, or any other methods of cheating will be detected - and result in that project not being included in competitions, present or future.
  5. Terms and Conditions of this competition could be amended at any given time, and is the sole right of 100xCoin to officially award the winner of the competition, not any other individual or entity.