Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is 100xcoin?
Is 100xcoin a meme coin?
How to buy 100xcoin?
What are the benefits of projects built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?
Is 100xcoin a scam?
How to buy Meme Coins?
Is 100xcoin the next gem coin?
How to cash out 100xcoin?
What is the safest wallet to hold 100xcoin?
Why is 100xcoin a good coin?
Where can I read 100xCoin’s Litepaper?
Where can I read 100Coin’s Roadmap?
Where can I view 100xCoin’s audit?
What is a BEP-20 coin?


Who are the team members of 100xcoin? 
Who is Ken the Crypto?

Our Products

What are the use cases of 100xcoin?
Is there a tutorial on how to buy 100xcoin?
Is 100xcoin a long term investment?
Why the rebrand from 100xelon to 100xcoin?
How is 100xcoin related to 100xelon?

100xRocket - Launchpad

How much 100xcoin should i buy to participate in 100xRocket?
When will 100xcoin 100xRocket Launchpad - launch?
How will projects be verified on 100xcoin launchpad?
How can I be rewarded with NFT using 100xCoin?


When will the 100xAltbase app be available?
How to download 100xAltbase?
What can I buy on 100xAltbase?
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