The First Sports And Celebrity NFT Art On Binance

Holders of 100xCoin will soon have exclusive opportunities to receive rare NFT art. With an A-class list of celebrities and pro-athletes, you won’t want to miss out on these limited edition collectibles.

As the first sponsor of an NFL athlete, 100xCollabs is creating some of the hottest NFT art in the Defi space. Being the first on the Binance Smart Chain to partner up with real athletes and celebrities, with plenty more on the way, 100xCollabs is shaking up the NFT market like no other before it.

What Is 100xCollabs?

100xCollabs is an NFT marketplace that offers exclusive NFT art in collaboration with partners of 100xCoin.

Pro-athletes and celebrities will have their own unique NFTs, in a series of multiple sets that can be purchased with 100xCoin. These will be strictly limited in number from release, and will not be minted again in the future.

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Buy Rare Collection

For a chance to buy these rare collectibles, simply stake 100xCoin for a chance to participate in the early bidding. These limited edition NFTs will initially be auctioned off on 100xCollabs. Aside from this, the only other way to buy crypto art from our celebrity endorse partnerships is on the secondary market.

Exciting Launches

100xCollabs will be launching very soon, with plenty of exciting partnerships lined up throughout the year. You won’t want to miss out on the most exciting NFT crypto project on the Binance Smart Chain.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is a unique digital asset that can’t be replaced or copied due to blockchain technology. Just like the same way Bitcoin can’t be copied and pasted. NFTs can’t be replaced, however, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are one of a kind, making sort after ones very valuable.

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Crypto Platform

What are NFT crypto platforms?

NFT crypto platforms are used to buy NFTs, however, users can also decide to sell bought NFTs, potentially increasing the value through bidding features on the platform. This secondary market allows buyers to obtain previously limited NFTs, usually for a premium while providing another alternative way for users to trade crypto.

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Who Gets Paid?

Our tokenomics for our NFT crypto platform is still under construction, the current split is 45% to athlete/celebrity, 10% to our partners’ choice of charity, and 45% to 100xCoin.

Our portion of the funds will be used to grow the liquidity pool, pay top artists, and develop future use-cases on the platform. We will continue to utilize funds raised from NFT drops to constantly give back to 100xCoin and our community, all while creating the hottest NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain.

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How to Purchase 100x to Get Ready for Staking


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Make an account, and set your recovery phase.

Purchase BNB on an Exchange

Then, withdraw the BNB over to Trust Wallet.

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