Who is Wan Bil Yon?

Who is Wan Bil Yon? is an audio anthology series that follows the narrator Detective 47 as he travels the world collecting stories and anecdotes about the legendary financial guru Wan Bil Yon. Bouncing from comedy.

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Episode #1

The Detective begins revealing the results of his search for the mysterious Wan Bil-Yon through legends and anecdotes he has heard along the way.

Episode #2

A man tells his story about how he tried to sabotage Wan Bil-Yon’s project and reputation. He is forever reminded of his regret each time he looks in his front yard.


Creative Crew

Jo Ann

6 Episodes

Jaku Waibe

6 Episodes

Jack Dover

6 Episodes

Wai Kon

Lead Actor
6 Episodes

Sara Nunez

6 Episodes

Josh Morris

6 Episodes

Kurt Dansley

6 Episodes

John Doe

6 Episodes